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Focus CD Cover Maker 1.9

Focus CD Cover Maker is a program to create covers for CDs (See all)

Focus CD Cover Maker is a program to create covers for CDs.
The application allows to generate special CD covers by adding images, tracks information and list, text, time and date, all of them organized in layers that can be separately edited.

User can select an image out of the supplied favorite pictures or load another image from any user system folder. It supports JPG, BMP and GIF formats.

For the text messages (text, track list and information, date and time), since they are inserted as independent layers, they can be separately edited, changing text style, font, size, color, etc. by means of the corresponding text properties editor. As an example, the track list font size can be adjusted for fitting all the titles into the cover room.

These text messages can be inserted anywhere on the cover room and easily moved within the cover space. Backgrounds can be edited as well.

The images can also be edited for softening their edges horizontally or vertically, to add an interesting effect to the picture being used for the CD cover.

After the user has finished all the cover creation, (s)he can save it for later applications and, of course, print it for applying to CD disc.

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